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Book Club

Information and Reading Lists for book club meetings.

About the "Book Club"

Welcome  to the "I love to read but don't have time right now because I'm in law school but really would like to hear about some interesting books to lose myself in when I do have some free time because I've spent the last 4 months or more focusing on my legal studies and haven't had a chance to read for fun" Book Club.

Hopefully you are at a point when you can take an hour break to spend some time talking about books - for fun and relaxation. No books to read in preparation for the meetings and each meeting has a different theme, to help you decide which to attend. The themes for each meeting are listed in the bar just to the left. If you've read any of the selections, chime in and give another perspective! If you have suggestions for books to add to the Reading List, please email Sandy Placzek ( and she will add them. The Reading Lists will remain on the LibGuide for you to refer back to when you do have time to read.

Look for upcoming meetings on these topics:

  • What about the law?
  • Now for something a little different
  • Memoirs & compelling life experiences
  • Newly release history
  • Recent non-fiction
  • Sherlock Holmes with a twist

So if you're a reader and want to just hear about books for an hour, hopefully you'll join us.