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Water Law Resources: Welcome: Blogs & Podcasts


This LibGuide will make assist you in researching different topics associated with the broad area of "Water Law". It will highlight specific resources and give you starting points to begin your research. In addition, it will lead you resources helpful in digging deeper into specific areas, and develop a better understanding of the nuances of certain issues.

Blogs & Podcasts


  • International Water Law Project Blog - creation of Gabriel Eckstein, Professor at Texas A & M University School of Law and Director of the International Water Law Project.
  • Law & The Environment - from Foley Hoag, LLP (Boston, Washington D.C., New York, Paris), Environmental Practice Group.
  • Private Water Law - from Wes Strickland, an attorney at Holland & Knight, LLP in Austin, Texas. More from his blog: "He specializes in helping clients develop, acquire and monetize water resources and infrastructure. He commonly represents public and private corporations, government enterprises, investment funds and private water right holders. He has been involved in many of the largest and most significant water development projects in the United States for the past 20 years, across multiple states and regions, with a strong focus on California and Texas>"


While many of these podcasts may not be currently active, some archived podcasts may be of interest.

  • Environmental, Natural Resources, & Energy Law - Lectures and presentations from Lewis & Clark Law School beginning in 2006.
  • Freshwater Talk Podcast - From The Freshwater Trust, the largest restoration-focused organization in the Pacific Northwest. Trust is comprised of in-house staff experts ranging from fish biologists and hydrologists, to GIS experts, business and conservation systems analysts, attorneys and ecosystem services analysts.
  • The Global Energy & Environmental Law Podcast - "A discussion of global and local environmental law issues. Produced by Myanna Dellinger, in conjunction with the University of South Dakota School of Law and the International Environmental Law Committee of the American Branch of the International Law Association." Of particular interest: Water Resources Management, an interview with Dr. Falk Schmidt on February 21, 2017.
  • Reclamation: Managing Water in the West - Great Plains Region Bureau of Reclamation Podcasts deliver the latest information and interviews regarding water management direct to your computer or portable media player. Provides information on signing up for their Podcast RSS feed.
  • We Are Rivers: Conversations about the Rivers that Connect Us - From American Rivers, “We Are Rivers” takes its listeners on a journey to tell the stories of rivers and the important relationship they have with us. It explores the culture and history of the west and our nation by talking with adventurers, writers, water experts, and artists about their connection to rivers, and how they impact their lives. The podcast series covers a wide array of topics across the Colorado Basin and other rivers across the country."


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