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Wildlife Law: Books, Treatises, & Legal Encyclopedias

A companion research guide to the presentation by Professor Stefanie Pearlman, Sara Berggren, and Kristina Pease Hall


Treatises are scholarly writings by experts in their field.  They are broader than most books, covering entire areas of law instead of single events or specific topics under the law.  They are typically updated and usually have multiple volumes. 

Legal Encyclopedias

There are two main legal encyclopedias: American Jurisprudence, 2d (AmJur2d) and Corpus Juris Secundum (CJS).  These encyclopedias provide information on legal topics. They can be found in the Schmid Law Library on the east side of the first floor. NOTE: AmJur2d is current in print, but CJS was canceled in 2016. They are both available electornically via Westlaw.  AmJur2d is also available on Lexis.

Especially useful sections in AmJur2d include: 

  • Animals: Sections 11-15 and 63-67
  • Fish, Game, and Wildlife Conservation

Especially useful sections in CJS include: 

  • Animals: Sections 8-11, 319-331, and 483
  • Fish
  • Game; Conservation and Preservation of Wildlife