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Military Working Dogs: A Selective Research Guide: Articles

Finding Useful Articles

Many publications on military working dogs can be obtained at the Defense Technical Information Center. If you need assistance accessing an article, contact your local librarian.

Articles in Legal Periodicals

Cruse, Sarah D., "Military Working Dogs: Classification and Treatment in the U.S. Armed Forces," 21 Animal Law 249 (2014-2015).

Kirchmaier, Maj. Charles, T., "Unleashing the Dogs of War: Using Military Working Dogs to Apprehend Enemy Combatants," The Army Lawyer 1 (October 2006).

Kranzler, Michael J., "Don't Let Slip the Dogs of War: An Argument for Reclassifying Military Working Dogs as 'Canine Members of the Armed Forces,'" 4 U. Miami Nat'l Security & Armed Conflict L. Rev. 268 (2013).

Landa, Mackenzie, "From War Dogs to Service Dogs: The Retirement and Adoption of Military Working Dogs," 24 Animal Law 39 (2018).

Pannella, DanaMarie, "Animals are Property: The Violation of Soldiers' Rights to Strays in Iraq," 43 Case W. Res. J. Int'l L. 513 (2010-2011).

Thomas, Virginia C., "Military Working Dogs: Tracking Their Journey from Equipment to K-9 Heroes," 100 Mich. B. J. 46 (May 2021).

Red Cross Articles

Givenwilson, Irene M. "Man's Loyal Friend, the Dog, in Time of War," The Red Cross Courier (February 16, 1925) 16-18.

Hendrick, Ellwood. "Merciful Dogs of War," The Red Cross Magazine (February 1917) 70-75.

Medical Articles

Baker, Maj. Janice L., et al. "Overview of Combat Trauma in Military Working Dogs in Iraq and Afghanistan," The Army Medical Department Journal (January-March 2009) 33-37.

Evans, Rebecca I., et al. "Causes for Discharge of Military Working Dogs from Service: 268 cases (2000-2004)," JAVMA 231 (October 15, 2007) 1215-1220.

Hayes, Howard M., et al. "U.S. Military Working Dogs with Vietnam Service: Definition and Characteristics of the Cohort," Military Medicine (November 1994) 669-675.

Haverbeke, A., et al. "Training Methods of Military Dog Handlers and Their Effects on the Team's Performances," Applied Animal Behaviour Science 113 (2008) 110-122.

Moore, George E., et al. "Causes of Death or Reasons for Euthanasia in Military Working Dogs: 927 cases (1993-1996)," JAVMA 219 (July 15, 2001) 209-214.

Rooney, Nicola, et al. "A Practitioner's Guide to Working Dog Welfare," Journal of Veterinary Behavior 4 (2009) 127-134.

Royal, Joseph, DVM and Charles L. Taylor, MD. "Planning and Operational Considerations for Units Utilizing Military Working Dogs," Journal of Special Operations Medicine 9 (Winter 2009) 5-9.

Toffoli, Maj. Caroline A., et al. "Challenges to Military Working Dog Management and Care in the Kuwait Theater of Operation," Military Medicine 171 (October 2006) 1002-1005.

Vogelsang, Robert. "Care of the Military Working dog by Medical Providers," Journal of Special Operations Medicine 7 (Spring 2007) 33-46.

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