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Law and Medicine : Finding Federal Legislative History

Before You Begin...

Full Text, Federal Legislative Histories (in other words: look at these first)

There are compiled legislative histories in our collection. Consult the following databases and websites to find completed, full-text legislative histories. Also, search our online catalog for additional useful materials.

Use These Resources to Find Full Text, Federal Legislative Histories

Learn How to Compile a Federal Legislative History

Finding Elements of Legislative Histories

We have the following federal legislative materials in print in the lower level of the law library: 

  • Assorted materials from the U.S. Congressional Serial Set from 1894-1906 and 1931-1996.  Please note, the materials in those date ranges are not complete.  
  • Assorted print hearings from 1889-1973
  • Annals of Congress
  • The Congressional Globe
  • The Congressional Record: Volumes 1-158
  • The Daily Digest is received daily

We have the following legislative materials in print on the main floor of the law library:

  • United States Code Congressional Administrative News (aisle S7)
    • Contains some elements of legislative history from 1948-present. Some resources may be excerpted.
    • Also available on Westlaw Edge.

We have the following federal legislative materials on microfiche in the microforms room in the lower level of the law library:

  • Assorted materials from the U.S. Congressional Serial Set from 1993-2008  
  • CIS published hearings, House and Senate from 1833-1969
  • CIS Unpublished hearings; House 1831-1964, Senate 1823-1976
  • CIS Congressional Committe Prints and U.S. Senate Executive Documents & Reports not included in Congressional Serial Set, 1817-1969
  • U.S. Executive Documents 1789-1932