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National Library Week 2022

More about Haikus

Why Haiku and not other types of poetry?

Former Dean Steve Willborn encouraged the creation of haiku during his tenure as Dean. To build on that tradition we're inviting YOU to tap into your creative side and submit a haiku. Submitted haiku will be posted to a webpage (here are 2020's haiku) for the law school community to read and vote for a favorite. The haiku with the most votes will win Friday's basket. Need more inspiration? Check out the New York Law Institute's Can You Haiku page and get those creative juices flowing!


Leopard in his cage

Oops! Looks like he just escaped

We’ll never spot him!  ~Elsa Knight

construction echoes,

in library silence and

a brief due, monday  ~Taylor Finke

Vending Machine Food

Is this assumption of risk?

Egg Salad Sandwich  ~Turner Jensen

First time at High Court

Oh my! This judge has no teeth

“That is Justice Gums”  ~Elsa Knight

Mask or not to mask 

Not to mask I think says I 

Freedom always reigns   ~Rick Duncan

Where your freedom stops?

At the opening to my

nasopharynx. Thanks!  ~Lysandra Marquez-Sanchez

You know the saying

With a twist- where there’s a will

There is a lawsuit  ~Elsa Knight

Long Fat Brown Earthworm

Burrows Down, To Loamy Depths

Her Trial Complete  ~Neil Rutledge

Liberty for all 

To live paycheck to paycheck 

Freedom costs a lot  ~Matt Dreher

April’s a great month

to celebrate poetry.

Stanza bonanza!   ~Elsa Knight

Looseleaf, leaf loose, no!

guess it’s windy in the stacks

more work to be done  ~Keelan Weber

Starfish and coffee

Around the world in a day

Raspberry beret  ~Jill Stohs

Time is a moment

Sometimes an eternity

Such a paradox  ~Jill Stohs

Bitter Skies, High Winds

Warm Coffee and Space to Read

Shelter in the Stacks  ~Turner Jensen

Mask or not to mask

Community, I will choose

To gather again  ~Brett Stohs

Knowledge is power

But that means knowledge corrupts

We’re in big trouble  ~McKinley Brock

We learn the rulings

Do we learn so we can rule?

And if so, should we?  ~Matias Cava