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Haikus: National Library Week/Poetry Month

National Library Week/Poetry Month

Haikus - voting will open at 4 p.m. Thursday, April 23 via Google Form

Purell and chapped hands                           Three long years of school;                         The mud, dirt and stones -

zoom classes and meetings                         I stand, hood in hand, ready.                      What purpose has a flower?

Quarantine is Here                                       Guess I'll hood myself.                                 Beauty in pure form.

         Jo Potuto                                                                            Hilary Sayre (1)                                                           F. Christine Lowery (1)


                                                                                                                                                                    Law Library

boisterous and loud                                   Everything's online.                                      Rules captured with care.

I CANNOT SIT AND STUDY                    But where's the motivation?                                  Arranged for discovery.

tiny apartment                                       It's gone with the wine.                                           Bound by tradition.

Michael Meduna-Gee (1)                                           Sarah Wetzel                                                                      Richard Leiter



Spring has now arrived                                    I am not wearing                                   Pink, yellow, green, blue

However I'm trapped inside                            Any pants to Evidence                          A rainbow in my casebook

So much for summer                                      Because it's online.                                  I am THAT person.

Michael Meduna-Gee (2)                                     Aly Witcofski                                            Hilary Sayre (2)



Leaves will fall and snow                         crowded in my home                    Stuck inside my house

Comes and life is dark with dread                 benefits of quarantine?            Stuck with my favorite things

      Spring finals are here.                               family is here                       Book, beer, blankets, bread.

F. Christine Lowery (2)                              Michael Meduna-Gee (3)                                Jayden Barth (1)



My gray tabby cat                                   He's still on my books                                      test anxiety

He sits on my books all day                           Will I ever get to read?                          exams on the horizon

Move, I need to read                                       At least he is cute                                  procrastination

               Brianna Duda (1)                                                                  Brianna Duda (2)                                              Michael Meduna-Gee (4)




My whole day is spent                                  Netflix, sleep, repeat                         The zoom school of law

     Just reading, reading, reading                       Every day is Groundhog Day            Learn amidst social distance

Oh – and eating snacks                               Netflix, sleep, repeat                           What a time to live

   Jayden Barth (2)                                                                      Sarah Moore                                                          Jayden Barth (3)




Homeschooling two kids                                Coronavirus                                        Why write a haiku?

Quarantined with a toddler                  Has ruined all of my plans                     Because I'm tired of the law,

   Days run together                                Time for adjustments                                  And I'm tired of Zoom.

Kala Mueller                                                                  Jayden Barth (4)                                                                                  Hunter Traynor



Do not ever have kids.

Getting married is a trap.

Schutz 1st Year Contracts.

Shannon Konkol