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Race and Racism: Introduction

Scope of LibGuide

This LibGuide is specific to the current moment of protest and advocacy around Black Lives Matter. If you have additional resource suggestions, please send them to Associate Dean Anna ShaversProfessor Jessica Shoemaker, and/or Professor Adam Thimmesch. Thanks to Rachel Tomlinson Dick for her assistance compiling resources for this LibGuide.

Certainly, this libguide is not exhaustive. It is a sampling of some of the many important resources that exist. For readers looking for more substance on any given topic, we have also included links to additional resource collections at the "Additional Resources" tab. For example, former Admissions Counselor Joy Kathurima has created a fabulous supplemental list of resources that is posted there.  


Welcome! We have compiled this resource list in the midst of a national conversation regarding race and the role of race in society and in our legal institutions. These conversations are certainly not new, but many people are engaging with these issues in new ways given the broad social unrest following the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and too many others. We understand that many people are searching for ways to engage, to effectuate change, to be an ally, or to just better understand the perspectives of racial minorities in America. To that end, we have compiled the materials on this page from a variety of sources to help individuals understand and discuss these issues in a meaningful way. We understand that the materials are far from complete and that much has been written on race and racial injustice from a variety of perspectives. Our hope is that these materials contain information for people with varying levels of experience and comfort with the topics of race and racial justice in America and that they serve to facilitate meaningful conversations in the days, months, and years to come. We hope that you find the materials useful.

Accessing Print Resources from Another Library

If you are a student, faculty member, staff member, or administrator at the College of Law and need to access a print resource from another UNL library, you can request delivery of the book to the Schmid Law Library. Use the link next to the book and follow the prompts (see example below). Please contact Kris Lauber, if you need assistance. If you would like a resource from an outside library (anywhere other than UNL), please fill out this interlibrary loan request form.  

Resources to Get Started