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Appellate Advocacy: Books & Article on Appellate Advocacy

This guide will help you prepare briefs and oral arguments.

Books on Appellate Advocacy

All of these books are available at the Schmid Law Library at the circulation desk. Please tell the circulation desk attendant that the books are on course reserve under "Pearlman" and give them the call number listed next to the title and author of the book. These books can be checked out for 4 hours at a time.

Making Your Case: The Art of Persuading Judges by Antonin Scalia & Bryan A Gardner (KF8870.S23 2008).  This volume helps navigate readers through the entire process of appellate advocacy.  Written by a U.S. Supreme Court Justice and a respected author (editor of Black's Law Dictionary, as one example).  

The Winning Brief: 100 Tips for Persuasive Briefing in Trial and Appellate Courts, 3rd ed. by Bryan A. Garner (KF251.G37 2014). This is an excellent resource to help you create your brief.  The author walks you through the brief writing process with chapters such as "Composing in an Orderly, Sensible Way" and "Editing for Brisk, Uncluttered Sentences."  There are a lot of examples provided throughout the book.

Pleasing the Court: Writing Ethical and Effective Briefs, 2nd ed. by Judith D. Fisher (KF250.F53 2011). This book describes the basics of brief writing (stating the law and facts accurately, writing clearly, not plagiarizing, etc.).

A Practical Guide to Appellate Advocacy, 2nd ed. by Mary Beth Beazley (KF251.B42 2006).  This book is dedicated to appellate advocacy and contains chapters such as: "Before You Write," "Six Degrees of Legal Writing: Making Your Document Reader-Friendly," and "Oral Argument."

Law School Competitions in a Nutshell by Larry L. Teply (KF281.A2 T46 2003).  The most useful sections of this book in preparing your brief and oral argument are in Chapter 2, sections C-G.  

Legal Writing: Process Analysis, and Organization, 3rd ed. by Linda H. Edwards (KF250.E38 2010).  Chapters 17-24 discuss brief writing and oral advocacy.

A Practical Guide to Legal Writing & Legal Method, 4th ed. by John C. Dernbach, et al (KF250.P72 2010).  Part E of this book discusses brief writing.

Legal Reasoning, Writing, and Persuasive Argument, 2nd ed. by Robin Wellford Slocum (KF250.W436 2006). Chapters 27-31 discuss brief writing and oral arguments.

Moot Court Workbook: Finding Educational Success and Competition Glory by Suzianne D. Painter-Thorne and Karen J. Sneddon (KF281.A2P35 2017).  Chapters 3 and 4 discuss brief writing and oral argument.