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Legal Research Basics for Summer Clerkships: Brief Analyzers

Document Analyzers

Each of the major legal research platforms (Bloomberg, Lexis+, and Westlaw Edge) include the ability to automatically analyze memos and briefs. To use these tools, you upload a copy of your brief, the software then analyzes the document to identify legal and factual issues and suggests additional relevant resources. 

Bloomberg Law - Brief Analyzer

Brief Analyzer allows you to upload a brief to, "generate a report of the cited authorities and arguments contained in the brief, as well as a list of suggested content for review." Brief Analyzer creates a table of contents from the headings in the uploaded brief. By selecting an entry in the table of contents, you can access the related Brief Analyzer report. Brief Analyzer identifies cases cited in the brief and provides for quick access to the Bloomberg citator treatment for each case. Brief Analyzer also identifies "Points of Law" (Bloomberg's subject analysis resource) in the brief and will identify the most cited cases for those Points of Law as well as identify related Points of Law. Finally, Brief Analyzer suggests other content related to the arguments in the brief (cases, briefs, and assorted secondary material).

Westlaw - Quick Check

Quick Check is a new tool from Westlaw Edge that "securely analyzes your brief to suggest highly relevant authority that traditional research may have missed." Quick Check analyzes the uploaded document to detect the legal issues involved and then provides a report organized by the headings in the uploaded document. Using major Westlaw features such as KeyCite and Key Numbers, as well as advanced AI analysis, Quick Check recommends additional sources not cited in the uploaded document as well as KeyCites all cited cases. Using "Quick Cite Judicial," allows you to upload multiple documents, and Quick Check will determine common citations as well as relevant items that are missing.

Lexis+ - Brief Analysis

Brief Analysis on Lexis+ analyzes your uploaded document for significant legal and factual concepts. Based on these extracted concepts, Brief Analysis recommends additional relevant cases, briefs, and pleadings that address similar facts and legal issues. Brief Analysis also performs a Shepard's analysis for all cases "cited in your document."