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Law Organizations: Apparel Sales & Other Merchandise


The College of Law uses OneSource Marketing as our apparel vendor, and encourages student organizations to do the same.

  • Student organization merchandise will be setup as part of a substore to the main College of Law store:
  • Organizations can also collect paper forms if tabling.
  • Product catalog’s are available on their website.
    • Limit the number of requested samples, and order a sample size that someone from your organization is planning to purchase.
  • If you wish to do a screen printed item, you should limit to one screened location per item. The vendor also will require a minimum of 12 of each design be purchased. Limit the number of options you make available.
  • Items beyond apparel are available, but minimum quantities need to be coordinated with the vendor.
  • You need to provide a start and end date for all sales.
  • If selling in conjunction with an event, work with the vendor to determine the final order date to have merchandise ready for the event.
  • Be mindful of timing, and provide information at least three weeks in advance of when you would like to begin selling, longer if ordering samples.
  • The College of Law typically has a $2 markup on all products, that is the listing organization’s profit. If you wish to use a different markup, you need to let the vendor know that in advance.

Giveaway merchandise may also be purchased using any University licensed vendor, but must follow the University’s guidelines for student organizations.

University Prime Suppliers

Student Organizations are also allowed to use any of the University’s prime suppliers:

To do so, however, final designs must be approved by Amber Ediger.