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Law Organizations: Event Planning

Your Events

We are fortunate to have a highly skilled event planner at the College of Law - Katie Pfannenstiel, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations & Event Planning. When planning an event, you are highly encouraged to contact Katie to help you work through the details associated with that event.

Planning Your Event

  1. All event planning should be done through StoryVita. Make sure that you are added as an administrator of your Student Organization by contacting Molly Brummond.
  2. Before you commit to a date for your event, check the calendar! Look at the Nebraska Law calendar with StoryVita to determine what dates are open. Avoid competition with other events if at all possible.
  3. Consider whether your event may be eligible for CLE. Having your organization's event certified for CLE credit will help draw an audience larger than exclusively College of Law students. It also allows members of your organization to meet alumni and community members interested in the topic. If you would like to consider having your event certified, contact Katie Pfannenstiel.
  4. If you are bringing an alum to the College as a guest speaker, please contact Katie Pfannenstiel, as we'd like to track who is visiting, as well as provide them with a thank you note and swag item.
  5. “Once you’ve landed on a date, go to your Student Organization’s calendar within Story Vita. One there, click on the green button that says “+Add” and work through the form. Once complete, hit “Save".
  6. After filling out the form, wait for confirmation from Katie Pfannenstiel that the date, time, and room are booked for your event.
  7. Review the Official UNL Food Policy and select an approved food vendor.
  8. Review UNL’s Alcohol Policy and complete UNL’s Alcohol Permit, if applicable.
  9. If you plan to use any kind of classroom technology including projectors or microphones/audio equipment, you must request I.T. assistance using the AV Request Form. More detailed information about what technology is available for Student Organization use can be found on our Law College I.T. page.

Promoting Your Event

Now it's time to Promote your event!


All StoryVita users receive an email on Monday morning – Your Weekly StoryVita Summary – that will include your event and all other events happening at the College of Law that week.  NOTE: these emails are replacing the Sounding Block.

Events will also been shown on users’ StoryVita calendars if they are a member of your organization.

Hall Monitors

Student organizations may submit their events for inclusion on the monitors outside the Dean's Office and the Student Lounge, when the event includes an outside guest speaker. Monitors are updated on Monday. Requests should be submitted to Katie Pfannenstiel by Thursday at noon for inclusion the following week.

Social Media
If your event is social in nature and someone from your organization would like to take over the College of Law's Instagram or Snapchat stories, please contact Amber Ediger at least one week in advance. You will receive the appropriate passwords the day of your event.

Post Event Responsibilities

It is your responsibility to do all clean-up after an event.

  • ALL trash must be removed from the event site and placed in the trash receptacles in the area outside of the Schmid Law Library loading dock.
  • Any flyers, posters, or other materials advertising your event must be removed and disposed of appropriately.

Do you need to be reimbursed? Be sure to have:

  • An itemized receipt; and
  • A list of people who attended your event.
  • You have 30 days to complete the Student Expense Reimbursement Form and return it to Cindy Harris