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Law Organizations: Budget & Reimbursements

Student Organization Budgeting Information

There are 3 sources of potential funding from most Student Organizations may draw. This is not an exclusive list, but what is most typical:

  1. Administrative Funds:  Each spring, the Assistant Dean requests budget proposals from the Student Orgs for the upcoming academic year. Budgeting is completed during the summer months, and Student Org leaders are advised of their approved budgets at the start of the academic year. For questions about your Student Org Budget, please contact Assistant Dean Molly Brummond. These funds reside with the College of Law; to access them, please work with the Business Office to determine the best course of action. It may be that the Business Office is able to pay directly for the item or service; it may be that a student must incur the cost and seek reimbursement from the Business Office.  For questions about accessing funds, please contact Business Manager Cindy Harris.
  2. Dues & Fees:  Student Organizations may choose to collect dues or fees from its members as an additional source of income. If, however, you choose to do so, the Student Org may ONLY deposit these funds in its SOFS account. To create a SOFS account the Student Org must become a Registered Student Organization (and therefore complete a training) with UNL’s Student Involvement Office. For more information about becoming a Registered Student Organization (and the benefits of doing so), visit
  3. Fundraisers:  Student Organizations may choose to hold fundraisers to support the mission of the organization. Just like with dues & fees, however, the Student Org may ONLY deposit these funds into a SOFS account.

Administrative Funding 2020-2021

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, student organization funding has been cut significantly. Assistant Dean Molly Brummond will email your organization’s 2020-21 budget no later than September 1, 2020. 

Payment & Reimbursement Procedures

Payments made directly by the Law College for a student organization.

For expenses where the student organization seeks to have payment made directly by the Law College via an invoice, contact Law College Business Manager, Cindy Harris. Arrangements must be made before ordering food, supplies, and miscellaneous expenses. For expenses in connection with a meeting, speaker or event, the student organization must provide the original delivery/carry out receipt, the flyer or other advertising for the event, a list of attendees, and an agenda, if any. if you pass around a sign-up sheet during your meeting, lecture or event, you will be able to easily obtain the list of attendees necessary for payment. The expenses will be charged to your budget.

NOTE: Using a vendor that can be paid directly by the College of Law is a budget stretcher as it allows you to avoid paying sales tax because of the College is an exempt nonprofit.

Reimbursements for payments made by the student organization or a student on behalf of the organization.

All requests for reimbursement must be submitted using the University of Nebraska College of Law Reimbursement Form to the Business Office, within 30 days of expenditure. If the head of the student organization is the one submitting the reimbursement, an officer must also sign the form. There is a line on the form for the authorizer's signature.

  • Reimbursement form below.
  • Original invoices, receipts and itemized bills MUST accompany the reimbursement request.
  • A credit card receipt IS NOT SUFFICIENT if it does not include an itemization.
  • Student organizations MUST provide the flyer or other advertising for the event, a list of attendees, and an agenda, if any.
  • Reimbursement can take up to 30 days.